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Bridge Medical Communications – beyond our work

What most people see about a company is the work they put forward to the public. What most people don’t see is how critical a strong and healthy internal culture is to the success of our brand and all of the work we do.

Knowledge and innovation are at the core of what we do and how we do it. In order to bring these values to life, it is imperative for us to create a team and culture that also reflect these objectives.

When we meet with potential new team members, we look to ensure that they share our passion to stay ahead of top trends in health policy, clinical research and marketing communications.

Each and every one of us is more than just employees – we are brand advocates of Bridge and all that we do and champion.

Our Values


Feedback is our analytics

In order to maintain a healthy and productive work environment, it’s important for us to take regular pulse checks with the team. These open conversations have helped us to understand what’s working and what needs to be tweaked for optimal satisfaction and performance from everyone on the team. Through debriefs with clients, we are also able to improve client relations and workflow which makes everyone happy. Feedback allows us to improve our value add for current and future clients and our own internal team.

Small and mighty

With a team of eight in the Toronto WeWork space (of course we are all working from home at the moment) and one in Montreal, we promote teamwork and an opportunity for everyone to be involved in multiple components of our business. Exposure to a variety of tasks helps to deepen the understanding of our work, our clients and our industry. It builds confidence not only in the task at hand but also in dreaming up new and innovative ways to provide success for our clients.

The environment is pretty fast-paced and like our industry, things are always changing. We are always working hard to keep up with innovative data, which translates into ever-changing projects and scope of work, and we know what a challenge that can be for individuals working on these projects.

Professional development

Providing new opportunities is critical in building expertise and confidence however we are firm believers that providing opportunities for growth means supporting professional development as well. We encourage our teams to expand their knowledge both within the industry and outside. We regularly attend WeWork’s sessions, which offer informative and educational sessions aimed at both personal and professional growth. We know that everyone learns and grows differently so we also encourage our team to look into courses and conferences that will help build their skills and knowledge base.

At Bridge, we’re a small company compared to other medical communications companies and that is one of our greatest strengths. Everyone’s role is equally important – there is no hierarchy. We share information horizontally rather than vertically. We boast incredibly effective interaction within the team and between team and client and we foster tight-knit relationships. Being at the WeWork building has provided all of us with more of a sense of innovation, entrepreneurship and a high energy that contributes to the culture we have today.


The process is just as important as the final product. If a job is difficult for one or both the client and team, then no one will be eager for the next project. Therefore, we work hard to nudge growth, build leaders, and continually learn and stay open to feedback. A happy and productive team ensures a smooth process and, in turn, allows us to continually exceed client expectations. Our internal culture is one of our most valuable secret weapons.

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