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Today is World Osteoporosis Day, a time dedicated to raising awareness for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal diseases.

Osteoporosis affects millions of people worldwide – but it is often under-diagnosed, and its impact is under-rated. This year’s World Osteoporosis Day campaign puts a spotlight on the effect that osteoporosis has on the entire family. This is true in more than one way. Many individuals who experience a hip fracture require increased support and assistance, and the burden of care often falls on family members. In addition, the disease runs in families. If a parent has osteoporosis, their children are at higher risk for the disease. And, lastly, lifestyle habits, such as a healthy diet and physical activity, can be practiced by the whole family to contribute to good bone health!

That’s Osteoporosis – a Family Affair. This year’s campaign focuses on telling the stories of Osteoporosis patients around the world and their families.

How prevalent is osteoporosis? Here are 7 facts that may surprise you.1

  1. One fracture occurs every three seconds.
  2. Osteoporosis accounts for more days in the hospital than breast cancer, heart attack, diabetes & other diseases.
  3. The majority of individuals who experience a hip fracture, also lose independence: approximately 60% require assistance a year later and 20% will require long-term nursing care.
  4. Fracture risk is up to 27% higher than prostate cancer risk.
  5. If you’ve suffered one fracture, you’re twice at risk for another.
  6. 9 million fractures occur annually.
  7. 80% of people who have had at least one osteoporotic fracture are neither identified nor treated for osteoporosis

Bridge is proud to help fight osteoporosis year-round through our participation in the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s (IOF) Capture the Fracture partnership –  a global program with the University of Oxford, Amgen and UCB to improve patient care and the public health burden of osteoporosis.

For more important resources on osteoporosis and information on how to help, check out the World Osteoporosis Day website.