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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you do digital work? Do you have digital capabilities?

    We optimize smart technology on all our consulting and educational platforms. Check out Our Solutions for more information about our consulting platforms.

    Do you develop accredited programs?

    Given the rules and regulations regarding continuing professional development programs, we currently only work on programs commissioned by physician organizations and accrediting bodies. Our work involves educational design and creative content. Check out Our Solutions for more information on our education products.

    Are you a PR or advertising agency?

    No. We are a growing boutique agency that connects the healthcare industry to healthcare practitioners, focusing on the four pillars of consultancy, assessment, education and medical writing. On many projects, our work is complementary to the efforts of your advertising or PR agency. Check out Our Solutions for more information about our four pillars. Better yet, talk to us about how we might fit with the rest of your strategy team.

    Do you do event management?

    Sometimes. Under our pillar of consultancy, some of our custom solutions to reach a specific group of healthcare practitioners might include running conferences and managing logistics, but that is only a small piece of a much larger strategy.

    Do you conduct education programs? Are you educators?

    We are not university faculty or a physician organization, but education is an important pillar of our business. Facilitating knowledge transfer lies under the umbrella of our services, and it can be offered in a variety of different ways. Check out Our Solutions for more information about our solutions for healthcare practitioner education.

    Do you offer specialized communications tailored to patients?

    Yes, you can check out our sister company CONNECT, a division of Bridge, for more information on patient engagement.

    Do you offer services in both English and French?

    Yes! All of our products and services are available in both English and French. We have expert translators on staff, so if you have specific language requirements for your project, we’re ready for you.

    Are you hiring?

    We are always looking for new talent that would make a good fit for our team. Check out Work With Us to see if we’re the right fit for you.