At Bridge, we have a highly-qualified, robust, multidisciplinary group of employees.

Our Leaders

Carolyn Pritchard and Lorie Spence are the leaders of the Bridge Medical Communications team, each bringing more than 15 years of industry experience to the business. From their work in the field, they noticed untapped needs in healthcare-related industries. The idea was fueled by an entrepreneurial drive to find solutions to complex problems facing a quickly evolving health care landscape. From there, a business was born, which was, at its heart, designed to build connections.

Carolyn Pritchard

Medical Communications Specialist

“Bridge is about building relationships between health care practitioners and industry leaders. Our work helps doctors learn about new medications, evidence, or treatments, and that helps patients.”
Carolyn and Lorie are passionate about research, innovative medicines, and finding the right solution to bridge leading ideas in the industry with practitioners.

Lorie Spence

Medical Communications Specialist

“At our core, we believe in the need for medicine and education in health care, and in guidelines that improve it. The fact that we share the same vision with our clients drives us.”

Our Team

At Bridge, we have a highly-qualified, robust, multidisciplinary group of employees. We pride ourselves on having a passionate, spirited, and dynamic team of science-minded and creative experts who are as determined to achieve your vision as you are.

From our base of experts, we assemble a specific group for your project to suit its individual requirements and maximize your innovative potential. We are committed to excellence and exceeding your expectations on every project.



Some of the skills our team has to offer include:

Medical Communication Expertise
Meeting and
Event Planning
Education and
Medical Writing for Publications and White Papers

Our team is constantly expanding to meet the unique expectations of every project.

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Our Culture

Our work environment marries a contemporary shared creative space with professionalism, hard work, and creative support. We are entrepreneurial, idea-driven, extremely collaborative, and strive towards excellence in all that we do.

How You Fit

We are looking for unique individuals with a variety of skill-sets who are driven to solve complex problems faced by the health care and pharmaceutical industries today.

  • Do you seek innovative solutions to complex problems?
  • Have you ever worked in a health care environment or with industry leaders in pharma or medicine?
  • Do you have creative skills in design or web? The chops for medical writing? Experience in project management, event planning, or medical communications?
  • Are you passionate about medicine and health care?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Are you invigorated by a fast-paced, high-demand, and creatively-rewarding projects?

This might be the place for you!

Interested in working with us?

If you’re an experienced, hardworking professional with dynamic ideas, send us a pitch telling us how you think you might fit with Bridge and why you want to join our team.

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