Dedicated to Innovation

We know unique challenges face every product, innovation, and guideline within healthcare industries. However, as a whole, there are a few common needs that healthcare-related industries face — enhancing education, consultancy, practice assessment, and editorial content.

We offer four highly-customizable services that can help you reach and engage with healthcare practitioners. All of these services are available in virtual formats to help you conduct flawless programs that are convenient and safe. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help.



The area of continuing professional development for healthcare professionals is changing rapidly. Campus offers innovative educational programs that are customized to address specific learning needs, with live and virtual learning options. If you’re looking to break down education barriers and find new ways to connect with the medical community, partner with us.


  • Customize innovative educational programs to fit your goals
  • Choose from a variety of formats, including continued professional development, communities of practice and educational focus groups
  • Provide virtual learning options for greater flexibility


We know consultation is standard industry practice, but with Engage we don’t take a standard approach. Engage offers strategic consultancy activities, with innovative workshop design, that focus on positive advisor engagement and promote meaningful participation to contribute to your goals – both in-person and virtually.


  • Design strategic consultations to help drive insights and meet brand goals
  • Focus on positive advisor engagement
  • Promote meaningful participation
  • Offer virtual and in-person options
  • Plan on a regional or national level


Introspection is the first step towards changing behaviour—both in individual practices and across healthcare specialties. Introspect offers the opportunity to identify clinical practices, treatment journeys and patient outcomes through practice and feasibility assessments. Whether your lens is micro or macro, when you need strategic insights to help inform treatment journeys, patient outcomes, clinical guidelines, and more, connect with us.


  • Gain strategic insights into targeted therapeutic specialties (individual and industry levels)
  • Help promote behaviour change
  • Inform individual clinic growth
  • Evaluate industry guidelines and practices


Investing in credible, science-based therapeutic literature allows you to reach your target demographic and position your brand as a leader in the space. Edit is a medical writing service that allows you to do just that—present the foremost scientific and clinical data in a matter that is relevant, credible, and precise.


  • Produce original, credible, science-based medical literature
  • Reach target demographic with informed communications
  • Reinforce thought leadership
  • Amplify brand influence
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