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A Q&A with Bridge’s Digital Medical Communications and Innovation Manager

Maurita Hung joined the team in March 2021.


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My journey to the field of medical communications was not a direct one. After studying pharmacology and physiology at the University of Toronto, I spent a few years working in a cystic fibrosis lab where I became interested in learning how to communicate scientific data more effectively as a scientist. I returned to the University of Toronto to obtain my Master of Biomedical Communications, and since then, I entered the medical communications field to pursue my interests in data visualization and information design.

Q: What are your main responsibilities as a digital medical communications & innovation manager?

My main responsibilities at Bridge are to elevate the strategic design of our project deliverables and to support tactical innovation through the implementation of new approaches, platforms and tools. I contribute to content development and information visualization for medical communication projects and am also involved with managing digital project implementation as well.

Q: What interests you most about medical communications and the work that you’re doing with Bridge?

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of communicating complex scientific information and data to different target audiences. Here at Bridge, there are a wide range of projects that allow me to explore different ways of doing that. Being able to pursue my interests and having the opportunity to make an impact in the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes are the most exciting aspects of the work. 

Q: What work project are you most proud of? 

A current project I am excited to be a part of is the development of a patient handout to support specialists with counseling post-fracture patients. With direction and input from an Expert Planning Committee and the Bridge team, I designed a visual infographic to help educate and support patients on their post-fracture treatment journey. After going through several iterations, I am proud of the final outcome and am excited to see the implementation of the tool in clinics!

Q: On a personal level, have you picked up any new hobbies or interests during quarantine?

Since quarantine, I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen trying out new cooking and baking recipes. Although I can’t wait for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted, I do enjoy being able to spend more time with my older Yorkie at home and taking him out for walks in his stroller.