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The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and Osteoporosis Canada (OC) this week announced the inclusion of 42 Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) from the Osteoporosis Canada FLS Registry on the Capture the Fracture Map of Best Practice.

This is exciting news and the collaboration will make a significant difference in improving clinical outcomes and preventing recurrent fractures in patients who have sustained fractures due to osteoporosis. Bridge Medical Communications is proud to be involved in this important project, which will play a key role in the lives of people living with osteoporosis.

“The IOF Capture the Fracture® program, a global platform for FLS recognition, sustainability and development, is immensely pleased to welcome the Canadian FLS to its Map of Best Practice, which now provides visibility and recognition for 623 programs in 48 countries worldwide,” IOF CEO Philippe Halbout, said in a statement. “We thank Osteoporosis Canada for their important collaboration and ongoing support as this will serve to strengthen the global outreach and impact of the CTF program.”

Worldwide, approximately 80% of patients who have already sustained an osteoporosis-related fracture do not receive the care they need to prevent further costly, and often severely debilitating, fragility fractures. 

The FLS approach represents the most effective strategy to tackle this enormous care gap: A multidisciplinary care team, with the help of a dedicated FLS coordinator, ensures that patients are identified, treated and monitored following a fracture. 

This results in fewer re-fractures and lower mortality rates, while reducing future costs due to hospital admissions, operations and care home admissions.

Osteoporosis Canada has been a pioneer in FLS implementation and in setting quality standards for FLS services. The Canadian Fracture Liaison Services have all met the high standards of Osteoporosis Canada’s FLS Registry.

“A recent report by the Public Health Agency of Canada (2020) has documented the huge post-fracture care gap that still exists in Canada: less than 20% of patients who fracture receive an osteoporosis intervention. Osteoporosis Canada supports the implementation of FLS as it is the most effective route to closing this care gap,” said Osteoporosis Canada president and CEO Dr. Famida Jiwa.  

There are currently 42 FLSs on the OC FLS Registry and we are pleased to see them showcased on the IOF Capture the Fracture® Map of Best Practice.”