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CONNECT will work with industry, healthcare professionals and patients to optimize patient outcomes through patient communications, education and engagement

August 17, 2020 / Toronto – Bridge Medical Communications today announces the launch of CONNECT, a specialized communications agency focused on patient engagement and empowerment. CONNECT was founded with the vision of facilitating stronger connections and collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals and patients to maximize the impact of medical innovations and empower patients to become active advocates for their healthcare journey.

As the healthcare landscape shifts towards a patient-centred approach, the role of the patient is evolving to one in which they are empowered to be active participants and advocates of their health. From involvement in all stages of the therapeutic lifecycle, to shared decision making and customized treatment plans, to greater ability for self-management through technology, patients have never been as in control of their own health as they are today.

“The goal of family physicians has always been to deliver patient-centred care. However, the definition of patient-centred care has evolved,” explains Dr. Vivien Brown, a family physician at University of Toronto, author and advocate for women’s health and healthy aging. “So have the opportunities for patients to become more engaged in their healthcare journey. We are now seeing the emergence of the motivated patient – the patient who wants to participate in their disease management.”

Leveraging Bridge’s robust and established network, CONNECT will support collaboration between industry, healthcare practitioners and patients for better disease management and optimal outcomes by using the following customizable tools.

Clinical support tools

  • Provide tools for healthcare professionals to use as part of the patient visit to offer prompts, chart requests and information transfer for optimal care management.

Patient-centred care tools

  • Develop communication tools and decision aids to improve patient knowledge and encourage active collaboration and partnership between patients and healthcare professionals in course of care.

Patient empowerment

  • Provide patients with the knowledge, resources and skills to take ownership of their disease management and play an active role in their care. 

Experiential insights

  • Gain valuable insights directly from patients to address challenges and barriers specific to a therapeutic disease across the entire management continuum; a critical step to deepen patient engagement.

 Stakeholder partnerships

  • Build collaborative relationships between patient communities and organizations across the health sector, with a shared mission and vision to improve health outcomes.

“We’re thrilled to launch CONNECT and provide solutions to address major gaps in the current healthcare landscape,” says Lorie Spence, co-founder of Bridge Medical. “Our experience working in medical communications has provided us with a deep understanding of the challenges facing industry, healthcare practitioners and, ultimately, patients, and we look forward to helping facilitate communications and collaborations that will have a positive and enduring impact on patient outcomes.”

CONNECT is a division of Bridge, a leading medical communications consultancy, focused on specialized communications with healthcare practitioners. CONNECT will leverage its parent company’s insights, expertise and extensive network to help address major knowledge and care gaps through patient communications, education and engagement.

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