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The holiday season looks a little bit different this year for everyone. In this new environment, it’s more important than ever to find ways to come together to support and celebrate each other, as well as local businesses and those being disproportionately affected in our community.

While we typically look forward to gathering in person during this time to celebrate our success as a team, we were thankful to still be able to mark the occasion in some way. This year, we kicked off holiday celebrations with a Zoom party.

The Bridge team enjoyed an Uber Eats lunch, and then came together for an afternoon of activities. First on the agenda was the game two truths and a lie. Given our growth this year and work from home procedures, this was a great way to get to know our new colleagues. We discovered that Kashmira is a classically trained dancer, Cindy can play five instruments, and much more! Following this, we participated in a virtual scavenger hunt. The whole team was tasked with finding a list of random items in their homes in a short time frame. Everyone brought their competitive spirits, and Tiffany was the winner, finding all but one item on the list!


In celebrating the holidays this year, it was important to us to support other local businesses. We were able to do so thanks to Foodiepages, a company that curates gift baskets filled with products from Canadian food makers, bakers and chefs, to create a delicious assortment of goodies. We’re looking forward to indulging in some sweet and salty treats:

In addition to employee gifts, we would be amiss to not acknowledge the challenges faced by so many this year. To give back to our community, we’re pleased to help support Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter. Ernestine’s mission is to assist women and their children in rebuilding their lives by providing crisis intervention and a range of holistic support services, such as individual and group-based counselling support; child and youth programs; as well as legal, housing, and immigration support. This time has been particularly challenging for those experiencing abuse and domestic violence, and we believe it’s important to help provide these vital services. In addition, we’ve made small donations to a list of charitable organizations compiled by our team and we are privileged to support a wide range of causes that Bridge feels passionate about, from youth homelessness and hunger to Parkinson’s and heart disease.

Happy Holidays from the Bridge Team!