Building a great team

Part of building a great team starts from selecting people whose philosophies; work ethic and principals align with our own. While experience in the field is often key, we know that working with individuals with strong training is also just as important to our company’s success. A strong and cohesive internal culture help to make Bridge Medical Communications a successfully run business armed with exceptional talent.

Our current intern, Meaghan Disher-Byles hails from The DeGroote School of Business, a place we feel an affinity with. One of our co-founders continues to take new and innovative courses from the Health Services Management (HSM) specialization of the De Groote MBA program. So by partnering with DeGroote and its students and graduates, Bridge has access to emerging talent in both business and healthcare – the perfect combination for our goals. This partnership gives us a chance to stay on top of trends in health policy, clinical research and marketing communications.

A partnership isn’t just about the benefits we receive; we believe it must also reflect our own brand values. DeGroote mirrors our values of both knowledge and innovation and that is reinforced every time we welcome someone from the school onto our team. With their biggest resource being their alumni network, DeGroote has strong alignment with all of their alumni and maintain that relationship as much as possible as is evident in the way they help future students by arranging new co-op placements with DeGroote alumni.  Their healthcare candidates are some of the most sought after by employers and we are proud to have some of them on our team.

Building confidence and experience

Meaghan Disher-Byles has been and intern with Bridge for the summer semester. She is taking the 28-month long MBA Co-op program with a specialization in Health Services Management. For Meaghan, Bridge has been able to provide her with opportunities that most other employers may not have been able to offer. For example, Meaghan often takes the lead on client-facing projects for clients, which help to build confidence, and demonstrates Bridge’s extreme confidence in Meaghan’s capabilities. Because of the size of our team, Meaghan works on many different types of projects. Meaghan recently ran lead on a key client initiative as well as, assisting on strategic planning, building networks, blogging and helping to build up internal branding and client initiatives. She’s also shown a passion for helping connect physicians with other physicians by providing more in-depth and knowledge based resources to help with their professional development and helps to improve their practice.

Meaghan is just one of the many examples of incredible talent we’ve had the opportunity to experience through our partnership. While we know Meaghan may spread her wings and leave us at the end of her internship, she leaves us with the confidence that our partnership with DeGroote is a big contributor to our success.